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Dina Rose

       Hi All!!  I am so excited about teaching your precious Littles! 


I have been working with sign language most of my life as a certified Interpreter for the Deaf and a sign language instructor. I have enjoyed working in public schools K-12 and working at local community colleges. I have been privileged to teach after school programs, church interpreting, and college sign language classes.


My journey through Baby Signs started when my daughter was 1 year old. I picked up a box out of curiousity (My First Fun DVD) and she was signing by that afternoon! I was hooked! I did the training and became a certified instructor and started teaching right away! It's been a fun 10 years! I have met so many fun Moms, Dads and Grands and some pretty fun children.


The way that children learn language is fascinating to me and I am more than overjoyed when I see the connection that sign language has on the families that I work with. I hope to meet you in my future classes! 

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