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Welcome to Baby Signs!


The Baby Signs® Program is research based and designed to assist YOU in helping your baby learn to communicate before they can talk using manual signs. Most of the signs are from American Sign Language (ASL). It's not about a regimented program with flashcards and homework; it's finding the tools that work best for your family and that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life. You can find more information about the program on the main

Baby Signs® website:

Twenty years of research has shown that there are many social and emotional benefits to signing with children. Using the Baby Signs Program:

*Reduces frustration

*Builds trust

*Strengthens bonds

*Promotes positive emotional development

*Boosts babies' self confidence

*Provides a jumpstart in intellectual development


So simply put, the purpose of this program is to give babies and children a way to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs through sign language until they have the words to do so. 

" Baby signs was such a God send for us, we were able to use what we learned to teach our oldest to communicate before she could even speak. Fast forward 2 years to welcoming our son and we were able to use what we had previously learned to communicate with him and help him communicate with us even before we found out he would need speech therapy. To say we highly recommend Baby Signs to every parent is a total understatement! You will not regret it one bit. " -Megan Qualls


Spaces are limited, so sign up at the CLASSES link now for 2022!
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